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Woman's Board Stories

Children’s Home & Aid’s 2021 Pauline K. Palmer Award - ITW
It is our pleasure and honor to announce ITW as the recipient of Children’s Home & Aid’s 2021 Pauline K ...
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Honoring Our Past Woman’s Board Presidents
With the words of our founder of the Woman’s Board of Children’s Home & Aid, Pauline K. Palmer exclaimed, “All ...
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The Woman’s Board Commitment to Early Childhood Care & Education
In 2020, Children’s Home & Aid’s Woman’s Board celebrates 100 years of caring for Illinois’ most vulnerable children and families ...
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The Woman’s Board of Children’s Home & Aid Celebrates 100 Years
The Woman’s Board of Children’s Home & Aid is celebrating 100 years of reaching out to vulnerable children and families across ...
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Join the Edwardsons: Support Children’s Home & Aid’s Early Childhood Centers at the Woman’s Board September Gala
All healthy children are born with the same potential to become successful learners. But those born in high-risk environments (low ...
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Hoffmann Center Parent Shares Her Inspiring Story
Judith Balleno, a parent from the Jerri Hoffmann Child & Family Center, recently spoke at our 98th annual Woman’s Board ...
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speaking september gala
During the 98th annual September Gala held Friday, September 7, the Woman’s Board honored Elizabeth H. Connelly, life trustee and JPMorgan ...
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The Woman’s Board

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